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Lion Snuffle Mat
Lion Snuffle Mat
Lion Snuffle Mat
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Lion Snuffle Mat

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Be the King of the jungle with this Lion. 

A fun activity for your pet! Snuffling is all about their natural desire to sniff. A snuffle mat is an interactive, enrichment puzzle for dogs that provide mental and physical stimulation. It engages your dog to find food and treats amongst the layers of the soft fabric. Your dog’s brain and nose were made to track, burrow, hunt and sniff. The action of sniffing out a treat is hugely satisfying and self-rewarding for your dog.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Releases extra energy which helps keep them calm and naturally lowers heart rate
  • Slows down speedy eaters, which aids digestion.
  • Great for dogs on restricted physical exercise due to illness, injury or age.
  • Ideal those Rainy Days when it’s too wet to walk, 15 mins snuffling = 1 hour walk
  • Entertains bored pets 
  • Strengthens nose work training and improves skills


  1. Sprinkle kibble or treats throughout the soft layers of the mat.
  2. Let your pet use its instincts to sniff them out.


  • All size dogs and breeds and cats too!
  • Highly active dogs
  • Puppies
  • Fast or fussy eaters
  • Dogs in training 


  • High-grade Fleece. The texture is soft, bite & tear resistant
  • They all have anti-slip treatment under the mat to help prevent slipping while playing.


  • Gentle machine wash. Lay flat to dry


41 x 41cm

*Always supervise your dog with enrichment toys. No toy is indestructible and remove if of concern.